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Its vote activates plans to install a citywide network of reliable charging stations. The goal is to have chargers in place within five years at all city buildings, libraries and recreation centers, and at beach locations.
Plans by SpaceX and others to boost the number of rocket launches seen streaking across San Diego County's skies have prompted the California Coastal Commission to question the environmental effects.
Operated by Crowley Maritime Corporation, the new 82-foot eWolf will escort ships entering and leaving the Tenth Avenue Marine Terminal using electric power instead of diesel fuel.
The City Council voted to overhaul San Diego's hard-fought surveillance law, a move officials said was necessary to prevent citywide disruptions, but that privacy advocates saw as a gutting of oversight powers.
San Diego will be returning to the drawing board to figure out how to soften the city’s strict scooter regulations without compromising rider safety, the City Council decided Monday.
Strict rules were enacted by the City Council to limit speeds to 3 mph in much of the city – enforced using GPS tracking – and other restrictive measures that slowly pushed out operators of e-scooters.
After months of deliberation and some controversy, San Diego's City Council on Tuesday gave its final approval to a police surveillance network that will cost $12 million over the next five years.
The last scooter company willing to comply with San Diego's strict rules ceased operations in the city, just as officials prepared to propose softening some key regulations including on sidewalk speed-throttling.
The Defense Department says it will pay upward of $1.1 billion to a pair of San Diego's defense contractors to separately build high-altitude drones and command-and-control systems for satellites.
Concerns about explosions, fires and toxic gas have prompted San Diego officials to begin crafting proposed laws to regulate the storage and disposal of lithium-ion batteries, which are used in EVs.