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Plus, New Mexico’s broadband director is retiring, California has a new public broadband services bill and applications are open for the National Digital Inclusion Alliance’s 2023 digital trailblazers program.
Government agencies are working to conform to a changing social media landscape these days, with Twitter’s rebranding to X — among other things — presenting challenges.
Recently passed and proposed legislation across the country is bolstering telehealth expansion by redefining telehealth benefit specifications, enabling coverage across state lines and eliminating patient care obstacles for medical professionals.
The effort to transition Washington state ferries from diesel engines to hybrid-electric power is proving to be more expensive than originally thought. So far, both quotes for the work have exceeded the initial $120 million state estimate.
The state auditor’s office’s new program offers local governments quick assessments of their cyber postures, plus advice for improving. This can help governments get ready while on the waitlist for the state’s more in-depth cyber audits.
Gov. Jay Inslee is calling for more speed cameras across the state to combat the rise in fatal traffic collisions. Data shows a lack of progress in the state plan to eliminate fatal and serious injury collisions by 2030.
Chief privacy officer roles exist in 21 states and counting. As the job gains traction in government, we look at where those IT leaders sit, how they collaborate with their peers and where the field is going.
The federal government has announced that Washington state will get more than $1.2 billion to expand Internet access. But how big of an impact will the money actually make for residents?
Washington state will get more than $1.2 billion from the federal government to deliver high-speed Internet to communities with slow, unreliable or nonexistent service, the Biden administration announced Monday.
Plus, a new report continues to emphasize the value of a unified approach to broadband, Cleveland finds a nonprofit partner for a citywide broadband network and more.