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Book Summary: The Politics of Disasters

See the CliffNotes version of the book for those looking for a summary.

by Eric Holdeman / February 13, 2018

I've blogged before on the book, The Politics of Crisis Management: Public Leadership Under Pressure, and there is a link at the bottom of this blog post that will take you to a place where you can purchase the book.

Last week I had the opportunity to brief the Seattle mayor and deputy mayor on several subjects. I had purchased a copy of the aforementioned book and presented it to the mayor. Barb Graff, Seattle's director of the Office of Emergency Management, took it a step further and provided her leadership with a four-page summary of key takeaways that she found from reading the text. A link to the four-page summary is immediately below. 

I still think that reading the book is best, because by doing so you combine your experiences with what you are reading — which will help in retaining what you read. The book resonated for me on a number of different levels. 

​The Politics of Crisis Management: Public Leadership Under Pressure - Book Review.

All disasters have a political element to them. Thus, it is important for elected officials to understand the politics of disasters. The book The Politics of Crisis Management: Public Leadership under Pressure is written specifically for elected officials. I highly recommend purchasing a copy for yourself and one for your elected official(s).
Buy the book here.