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Company Behind Threat Response Software Groupdolists Raises $1.5M

The seed round was led by Responder Ventures.

by / January 25, 2018

The company behind Groupdolists, a platform for coordinating how organizations respond to threat events, has raised a $1.5 million seed funding round.

Responder Ventures, a young venture capital firm focused on public safety and emergency responder technology, led the round. It marks the eighth investment the firm has publicly announced.

“With cyberterrorism and other workplace threats on the rise, we believe that Groupdolists will play an important part in keeping businesses safe,” said Nathaniel Wish, Responder Venture’s founder.

The platform, designed with mobile devices in mind, allows for information-sharing between members of a group as well as task creation and assignment. Those task assignments can include files, multimedia and comments. Then group leaders can follow their teams’ progress, and afterward the platform can generate reports.

“Every organization needs its front-line responders to be agile and execute dynamic response plans immediately,” said Michael Sher, founder of Centrallo Corp., which made the platform. “This round of funding will enable us to bring our best-in-class technology to organizations that take threats seriously and want a dramatically easier way for teams to coordinate seamlessly during incidents, reducing response time, effort and risk.”

Also participating in the seed round were individual investors, including Bruce Blythe of R3 Continuum and Selig Zises of Mango Capital.

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