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GIS Mapping Tech Gets Public Safety Boost Via CentralSquare

The gov tech vendor is working with DATAMARK to provide emergency responders with more access to GIS data and experts. The move reflects the growing interest in GIS to improve state and local operations.

A person wearing white holding a tablet in one hand while reaching toward the camera with the other and interacting with an overlay of a topographical map on the image.
Shutterstock/Merkushev Vasiliy
A new government technology partnership aims to give emergency responders wider access not only to digital map data, but experts who can help public safety professionals maintain and decipher all that information.

CentralSquare Technologies, which is in the midst of expanding its mutual aid tech system for dispatch centers, is working with GIS mapping vendor DATAMARK to “help public safety agencies fully realize the potential of their GIS mapping data,” according to a statement.

GIS, or geographic information systems, stands among the hottest growth areas in gov tech.

It plays a role in law enforcement and emergency responses along with climate resilience, water management, planning and other areas.

This new partnership gives DATAMARK GIS access to CentralSquare public safety clients. The company says that more than 5,000 North American public safety agencies use CentralSquare technology.

“Through our partnership with DATAMARK, we are giving public safety agencies direct access to expert GIS data analysts and their tools so agencies can truly unlock the possibilities of using their GIS data to help save lives,” said Dara Brenner, CentralSquare’s chief product officer, in that statement.

CentralSquare clients can use the new GIS access to gain insights from experts about how to cleanse and use data for “actionable insights,” as well as tools to help local, regional and statewide moves to Next-Generation 911 services and indoor mapping software that can help responders better locate emergency incidents.

“Access to accurate and complete public safety GIS data is critical to first responders as it allows them to quickly and accurately assess the situation and deploy resources as needed to save lives when seconds matter,” said Chris Friel, DATAMARK’s associate vice president of strategic partnerships, in the statement.