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Oracle Achieves Dozens of FedRAMP Authorizations in a Year

The technology giant has released its latest batch of authorizations under the federal security review process, solidifying its position as one of the most prolific vendors in the federal technology ecosystem.

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Oracle has been busy in the last year winning approval for the federal government to use its cloud services — in fact, with the latest batch of authorizations in, the company has gone through the process with some 45 products.

That process, called FedRAMP, is a stringent set of security standards audited by third parties with the support of federal agencies. It can take a significant amount of time and money for vendors to complete, and state and local governments have used FedRAMP authorization in the past as a proxy for their own security demands — although there’s now a dedicated StateRAMP process they can go through instead.

The latest Oracle services to achieve high provisional authority to operate under FedRAMP are:

  • Oracle Autonomous Database on Dedicated Infrastructure
  • Oracle Autonomous Database on Shared Infrastructure
  • Oracle Cloud Guard
  • Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Data Catalog
  • Oracle Integration Cloud
  • Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Logging
  • Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Service Connector Hub
  • Oracle Cloud Infrastructure OS Management
  • Oracle Management Agent Cloud Service

Those services allow customers to, among other things, manage patches and updates, work with log data, search metadata across an enterprise and share cloud resources.

Oracle now has more than 70 FedRAMP authorizations. Since FedRAMP began in 2011, its marketplace has grown to 246 authorized products, with 31 more designated as “ready” and 69 more currently going through the process.