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Beaumont ISD to Buy Faster, Touch-Free Metal Detectors

A Texas school district is tapping federal funds to invest in newer technology to expedite the process of moving thousands of students through metal detectors each morning. They will still detect weapons or vape pens.

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(TNS) — Aiming to cut down the amount of time it takes to get thousands of students through metal detectors each morning, Beaumont ISD is making an investment in newer technology.

The school board at its November regular meeting voted to purchase touchless, walkthrough metal detectors from Amarillo-based Diamond Business Services, Inc. for just over $321,740 to be installed at Beaumont United and West Brook high schools.

Money for the new equipment comes from the district's fund of federal dollars.

The system, called Evolv Express, allows students to walk through the detectors without taking off their backpacks or purses while officials are still able to detect any weapons or vapes that the student may be carrying.

The dual-lane system will have a separate conveyor for students to place their Chromebooks as they walk through the detection system.

After being demonstrated at the Beaumont United campus for two days, district Assistant Superintendent for Secondary Schools Lance Campbell said 1,700 students were able to get through the detectors in fewer than 45 minutes.

"The accuracy was pretty impressive in terms of how it works," he said at the board meeting. "Both Mr. (Nick) Phillips and Dr. (Wiley) Johnson were there and they're very grateful if we can get this program, it's really going to make an impact on them and the kids entering the facility."

According to the Evolv Express fact sheet on the Diamond Business Services' website, the system uses "advanced sensor technology and artificial intelligence to screen guests while they walk through at a natural pace without stopping and handing over their belongings."

"Express offers a dual lane, free-flow system proven to operate up to 10 times faster than traditional metal detectors, alerting operators to the presence of weapons while ignoring harmless personal items like cell phones, keys and coins," the fact sheet states. "When a potential threat is detected by the system, real-time image aided alarms show guards where the potential threat is located on a person or in his or her bag. This greatly reduces the amount of physical contact required and allows guards to act quickly and efficiently."

Campbell told The Enterprise after the meeting that the district hopes to have the new detection system in place by January or February.

The district is considering moving the current detectors at the high school to one or more of the middle school campuses.

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