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Stories that feature technology-related projects and initiatives in K-12 schools or higher education in the United States.

The Georgia college is teaming up with Upright Education, a company that offers fast-track bootcamps to students looking for technical skills, to offer courses in software development and UX/UI design.
A bill in Congress would fund the development of data analytics tools to improve cybersecurity for Texas' energy systems, in partnership with local governments, the ports of Beaumont and Port Arthur and local industry.
To get discounted rates and save member districts the trouble of doing their own procurement, the Northern Indiana Educational Service Center is working with LINQ to implement cloud-based nutrition software.
The Iowa school district this week suspended summer programming for 750 students, on short notice and with scant details, while school officials worked with third-party cybersecurity experts to review a breach.
Hoping to stem the tide of declining enrollment and rising tuition, universities have partnered with VictoryXR and Meta to use AR/VR technology to create “digital twin” campuses and make online classes more immersive.
The ed tech company, which has created its own VR headsets, announced a learning platform for K-12 that can be accessed by any device and brings students into a virtual environment for lessons and field trips.
Gov. Kathy Hochul's 2023 state budget will cover two-thirds of the cost of a new building intended to grow the local STEM workforce through research in A.I., quantum science, advanced materials and other fields.
Almost a month after a cyber attack shut down its website and various other systems, the public community college has recovered phones, email and other functions while using in-person workarounds for others.
Some Alabama school districts are planning to install vape sensors in restrooms after witnessing a dramatic increase in students vaping when they returned to in-person classes after the pandemic.
Panelists in a session at the ISTELive 22 annual conference emphasized the importance of advocacy groups, and how supporting them can lead to major dollars going to schools and ed tech through legislation.