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Stories that feature technology-related projects and initiatives in K-12 schools or higher education in the United States.

During a webinar Wednesday at the annual ASU+GSV Summit, education leaders discussed the need to promote career exploration programs at these levels. Ages 10-15, a speaker said, are critical times.
Through town halls and online surveys, state officials are taking input from educators, students, families and community members to write an ethics statement on the use of AI in the classroom. It’s expected by June.
Tech executives led a panel at the annual ASU+GSV Summit this week about the need to prepare workers for AI-integrated workplaces, stressing the need for professional development and building in-house expertise.
A panel of tech executives on Tuesday reflected on the speed of recent advances in artificial intelligence, the potential of the market and the need to focus on developing new tools responsibly.
Dr. Tom Ryan, a retired school CIO and Consortium for School Networking councilmember, received national recognition last week for a career of helping K-12 districts navigate technological challenges.
The senior director of emerging technologies at the nonprofit Digital Promise says using the word "hallucinations" risks inaccurately humanizing artificial intelligence. She recommends using the word "mistakes" instead.
According to a survey of 1,020 teachers and district leaders conducted in fall 2023, 18 percent of them said they're regularly using AI-powered tools, and the number was highest among English and social studies teachers.
The ransomware group Medusa claimed responsibility for a cyber attack earlier this month that disrupted the network at Traverse City Area Public Schools in Michigan and forced it to cancel classes for days.
Several CEOs in the ed-tech space led a webinar Monday at the annual ASU+GSV Summit about the challenges of staying competitive in an increasingly saturated and dynamic market.
Education leaders from across the U.S. led a webinar at the annual ASU+GSV Summit on Monday to explain how school districts have started to embrace generative AI, worrying less about cheating and more about learning.