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Lockport City Schools to Install Rapid Responder Security System

Lockport City School District in New York has approved a new security system to store vital data such as site maps, photos and evacuation plans, and offer tools for emergency preparedness, response and documentation.

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(TNS) — The Lockport City School District is "enhancing its emergency preparedness" by adopting a new security system called Rapid Responder.

The new system was approved on Aug. 30 at the school board's regular meeting.

According to Superintendent Mathis Calvin III, "the district did complete a review of additional systems."

However, the Rapid Responder system eventually won out as it had more features than other similar systems, like the Raptor program, which the district also reviewed.

Calvin was adamant that the new security program, "has nothing to do with nor is it being enacted in lieu of a facial recognition system."

"This program is being used to support the district security structure and to assist us with ensuring the health and safety of our students and staff," he said, responding to questions.

In a school district press release regarding the system, Rapid Responder was described as "a lifeline."

"It securely stores vital data, offering a wide array of tools for emergency preparedness, response and documentation," read the media document. "This innovative system is designed to support the day-to-day security needs of a school district."

According to Calvin, the system will store "floor plans, site maps, aerial photos, interior and exterior facility photos, utility control and shut off locations, evacuation plans, etc." This will make things easier on a communication standpoint by being able to give law enforcement vital information that could help.

"Time is of the essence during emergencies and Rapid Responder offers a quick and efficient response," read the press release.

Funds for the new system came from the school district's general fund. It was not funded by a grant like the AEGIS facial recognition system was when it was proposed in 2018.

Calvin noted that BOCES aid will contribute 80 percent of the cost to the tune of LCSD paying $2,200 for the first year and then approximately $880 each following year.

The total cost of the system before aid is approximately $10,000 the first year and almost $4,000 for every following year.

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