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Disaster Zone Podcast: Keith Krach on Technology and Economic Diplomacy

And the risks of dealing with China.

I think you will find this a fascinating podcast to listen to and learn from: Disaster Zone Podcast: Keith Krach on Technology and Economic Diplomacy. Too many times we Americans are focused on North America and what is happening here, versus what is going on all over the world in the areas of diplomacy, business and technology. You will find this podcast to be a wide-ranging interview on those three areas and more.

Podcast description:
Keith Krach is the former chairman and CEO of DocuSign. He has been recognized for his work in B2B commerce and digital transaction management. He has held leadership positions with Angie’s List and General Motors. Formerly he was chairman of the board of trustees for Purdue University. Lastly, he served as the undersecretary of state for economic growth, energy and the environment in the last presidential administration. In this podcast we have a broad discussion about a variety of technologies, to include how the competition with China and their business practices, along with their unethical approach to the treatment of their own citizens, need to be taken into account as we move forward. Today he is continuing to advance freedom and defend against authoritarianism through the Krach Institute for Tech Diplomacy.
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