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Disaster Zone Podcast: ‘The Role of Emergency Management in Cybersecurity’

How well are you connected to your organization’s technology leadership?

By now, every emergency management organization should have cybersecurity in their list of human-caused disasters. We certainly have seen enough evidence of the destruction and interruption that can be wrought by bad actors looking to make a buck or just out to sow problems in our critical infrastructure or other IT systems.

With this in mind, see this Disaster Zone podcast: “The Role of Emergency Management in Cybersecurity.” It is an interview with a state-level emergency manager who is working in both the cybersecurity and critical infrastructure program areas.

See the description below and note the dates of their emergency management and cybersecurity conference. Maybe you might want to attend and see how another state is addressing this issue in a comprehensive manner.

Podcast description:

“Emergency management has traditionally been dealing with natural disasters and sometimes human caused disasters like hazardous materials. In recent years the issue of cybersecurity has become much more prominent as an issue. The podcast guest this week is Chris D. Volmer who is currently serving as the cyber & infrastructure security manager for the Idaho Office of Emergency Management, responsible for implementing whole of state programs and policies designed to protect SLTT networks and all 16 sectors of Critical Infrastructure. Prior to this role, Chris specialized in traditional mass care operations with both the State of Idaho and the American Red Cross, serving in leadership positions on multiple national level disaster response operations. Additionally, Chris continues to serve his country as a senior enlisted advisor in the United States Army Reserve. He is an Idaho native and graduated from Boise State University with an emphasis on law enforcement administration. The conference mentioned in the podcast is: 2023 Idaho Office of Emergency Management's Annual Preparedness and Cybersecurity Conference in Boise, ID on October 24th-26th.”
Eric Holdeman is a contributing writer for Emergency Management magazine and is the former director of the King County, Wash., Office of Emergency Management.