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EV Charging Stations by State

Can we build enough for the future?

The idea of switching from fossil fueled vehicles to electric vehicles (EV) is what everyone seems to be aiming to accomplish. But, but, but, we’ll need charging stations for all those new EV cars and trucks.

I recently got this in an email:

“The number of EVs in the US has increased by 87.5% since 2021, from 543,610 to just over a million. 

“The growth in public charging outlets hasn't quite matched that, growing from 98,422 to 128,554 over the same period, an increase of around 31%.

“So, how many charging stations are in the US now and where?”

Check out this webpage: “The 2022 EV Charging Station Report: State-by-State Breakdown.”

It is a bit funny that the states with the most charging stations per EV are the ones without many EV cars or trucks to begin with.

I’ve spoken with some EV owners and traveling through those states is not that easy to accomplish. And, I’ve read stories about how all EV charging stations are not the same. Most are not fast charging. Sometimes these charging stations might not be functional when you roll in with a low battery indicator flashing.

There are some complexities and dependencies that come with switching to electric vehicles. Hopefully, there will be a great leap forward in battery technology that gives us double the 200-300 miles between charges that are common in today’s vehicles.

Still, there are likely to be those people who will run their cars right up to the point where they are on empty — just as there are today. You will see them walking along the road, not with a gas can, but with a battery.
Eric Holdeman is a contributing writer for Emergency Management magazine and is the former director of the King County, Wash., Office of Emergency Management.