FEMA Opens National Engagement Period for NIMS Training Program Refresh

Your opportunity to comment.

by Eric Holdeman / May 20, 2019

See below for information on the "new look" for NIMS and ICS. There are some good elements to this that helps categorize who should take which ICS/NIMS training courses. To go directly to the DRAFT Document, see this link: https://www.fema.gov/media-library-data/1557923414121-6e6f1d9c6e5213180c7af5df5cf528d5/NIMS_Training_Program_Draft_5.13.19_w_line_numbers.pdf

I was looking to see what they said about training for elected officials. But, did not find anything. If anything needs a "re-design" it is that course. You need an executive summary of NIMS/ICS session for elected officials--and that is it! 

Details on how to comment are below. 

"The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) released the refreshed National Incident Management System (NIMS) Training Program today for a 30-day National Engagement Period. This time provides an opportunity for interested parties to comment on the draft of the updated NIMS Training Program so that it reflects the collective expertise and experience of the whole community. The National Engagement Period will conclude at 5 p.m. EDT June 21, 2019.

FEMA supports the mission of strengthening the security and resilience of the nation by working to improve the ability of all to manage incidents, events, and emergencies. The NIMS Training Program sets forth a structure for national training and establishes the roles and responsibilities of FEMA and members of the NIMS stakeholder community. The training program identifies specific activities for developing, maintaining, and sustaining a training program that prepares all incident personnel to understand their respective responsibilities and work together during incidents.

The revised NIMS Training Program introduces training Focus Areas based on incident personnel’s position and responsibility. The Focus Areas include the Incident Command System, Joint Information System, Emergency Operation Center, and the Multiagency Coordination Group.

FEMA will host a series of 60-minute engagement webinars to highlight key proposed changes to NIMS and answer participant questions about submitting feedback. All webinars are open to the whole community.

To review the draft of the updated NIMS Training Program and for additional webinar information, visit https://www.fema.gov/national-incident-management-system/national-engagement. To provide comments on the draft, complete the feedback form and submit it to FEMA-NIMS@fema.dhs.gov by June 21, 2019."

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