Hurricane Dorian Skipping Puerto Rico

Because of Hurricane Maria, the population of the island paid attention.

by Eric Holdeman / August 29, 2019

Hurricane Maria in 2017 was a defining moment in the history of Puerto Rico. They "took it on the chin" like few communities before them. A combination of events made the island an infrastructure basket case for months following the passing of that storm.

Thus, with Hurricane Dorian on a path to impact the island, there were plenty of preparedness measures going on from government, business and individuals. And then, Dorian switched course and tracked away from having a direct hit to the island. 

In many states and cities that did not have the Hurricane Maria devastation, there would be people "calling wolf" about the government asking organizations and families to become prepared. Not in Puerto Rico — this time. The memory of Maria is too strong and recent to have that type of reaction. I expect it will take another 10 years and close calls from future hurricanes before people become lax in their approach to being prepared for a forecast storm.  

Ah, Florida ... you are "up next!" 

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