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Lock It Down. Lock It All Down Now!

Our USA COVID-19 case trajectory is more like Italy's than South Korea's.

by Eric Holdeman / March 18, 2020

If our experience with COVID-19 is like Italy's -- It will be war!

I've come to the conclusion that we need to "Lock it all down, lock it all down now." By that I mean a national home isolation/shelter in place for everyone, whatever you want to call it. Not city-by-city, and not state-by -state. Nationally -- lock it down now! Drastic? Yes. Needed? Absolutely. Forget the economy, forget jobs, concentrate on the health of people. Close all businesses except those needed to keep our infrastructures (groceries, pharmacies, water, waste water, electricity, natural gas, telecommunications, ports and transport) operational, food in the stores, gas at the gas stations. That is it. Lock it all down now!

Why, listen to this podcast from a Italian hospital doctor. It's Like a War. Save lives. Economies can be rebuilt over time. By waiting for the delayed test kits and deaths to tell us what epidemiology experts already know -- we are only going to make the situation worse. 

Lock it all down. Lock it all down now!

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