Opinion: Tough Times Ahead for Seattle-Area Businesses

Now that we have everyone's attention!

by Eric Holdeman / March 24, 2020

This opinion piece of mine is running in the current edition of the Puget Sound Business Journal, a business weekly. Check out Opinion: Tough times ahead for Seattle-area businesses. 

Lately, several people have cautioned me on being "too negative." I guess my response to that is, I'm just calling what I see based on my personal experience and expertise that I do have. The old "light at the end of the tunnel" still looks like a train coming our way for now. 

Good news, if we are following Italy's infection curve, the number of deaths per day finally went down on March 23. China is looking good, but concerned about another wave of infections within their country. 

The president hopes that the administration's two week proposal for everyone to stay home that was touted by them can be lifted in about a week. Me, I'm not that hopeful. I'm thinking the middle of May, at best. We'll see!

There are dark days ahead that will eventually end.

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