Why Not Implement the National Defense Production Act?

I'm confused! Yesterday we were "at war." Today, "we don't need the act now."

by Eric Holdeman / March 19, 2020

The national Defense Production Act allows the president to direct private-sector industry to produce equipment and supplies needed when the security of the United States is in jeopardy.

How long does it take to establish a totally new production line of equipment that they are not manufacturing today? I'll tell you, a long time! Plus, you need workers trained to produce and test the equipment. The health and safety of the United States citizens is being put at risk by a lack of proactive action by the White House. Action on this topic should have taken place at least a month ago.

I don't know who is advising the president on this topic -- but they should be fired! Today the president said the states are handling the ventilator production issue -- that is impossible for states to do. This is a federal issue that is not being addressed. 

Give it a maximum of two weeks and we'll be hearing about everything the White House has done to speed ventilators to the field (much like what we have heard in the past about COVID-19 test kits). Vaporware ventilators! 

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