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What could be the key to an 'unhackable' network of drones?

Answer: Quantum computing.

Everyone likes to think that their network is unhackable, but the truth is, pretty much any current network can be hacked. But what if you really could make an unhackable network?

That’s the theory behind a project from Florida Atlantic University (FAU). Together with Qubitekk and L3Harris, and led by physics professor Warner Miller, FAU is working to develop the world’s first drone-based quantum network for the U.S. Air Force.

Because it would use quantum technology, rather than the current fiber-optic tech, this network of drones would theoretically be unhackable. In quantum mechanics, "entangled" particles can affect each other — exchanging information, basically — instantly, and from a great distance.

“In war, for example, these drones would provide one-time crypto-keys to exchange critical information, which spies and enemies would not be able to intercept,” Miller said. “Quantum protects our information using the laws of nature and not just by a clever man-made code.”