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Point-in-time counts show government officials how and where homelessness impacts communities, informing the equitable distribution of resources. GIS tech and new processes are improving the accuracy of these counts.
As part of California's $4.7 billion program to address the teen mental health crisis, Los Angeles Unified School District will make free mental health services accessible to all its K-12 students through Hazel Health.
Eight months after launching LASAR, a bespoke app for students and community members to send anonymous tips about dangerous or suspicious behavior, Los Angeles Unified School District has logged 591 reports.
Los Angeles police officers record roughly 8,000 interactions with the public on body-worn cameras, and most of that footage goes unseen. Artificial intelligence might soon be tapped to help.
The Los Angeles Police Department is considering changing department policy to increase random reviews of body camera recordings that don't involve arrests or the use of force, according to Chief Michel Moore.
Many parents and bus drivers like the idea of the bus-tracking GPS feature that Los Angeles Unified School District launched in May, but they've found its accuracy and functionality highly inconsistent.
A newly unveiled pilot program at L.A. Metro gives $150 a month to 1,000 residents to be used for transportation across the region’s public and private networks. The program is similar to work being done in some other major cities.
In Southern California, landlords and owners of convenience stores, fast-food chains, movie theaters and big-box retailers are hoping to cash in on EV chargers to lure customers with time to kill as they fill up.
Studies found that Airbnb was responsible for nearly one-fifth of residential rent increases in the United States between 2012 and 2016, with culpability for more than 30 percent of increases in parts of Los Angeles.
The transportation authority wants to erect up to 49 billboard structures, most with double-sided display screens, which would result in 86 total digital billboards throughout the city.