Years ago, Albuquerque, N.M., installed a red light camera system that was unpopular and eventually canned. The city is now considering a new camera system that would only target vehicles moving at dangerous speeds.
While so-called sandbox programs do draw in new businesses and industries to a state, some fear that companies will use the opportunity to take advantage of consumers with unfair lending practices and the like.
Recent high-profile cyber attacks against prominent U.S. companies have packed a charge behind efforts to craft more meaningful federal cyber policy. Experts, however, say this is easier said than done.
Ohio Republican lawmakers are trying to strangle municipal broadband programs in Ohio and hold up $190 million in proposed state funding to expand high-speed Internet to underserved areas of the state.
A Texas bill proposes creating a volunteer cyber incident response team. Other states have tried their own efforts to harness volunteer talent, discovering strong practices and pitfalls along the way.
A new collaboration between the Technical College System of Georgia, the Technology Association of Georgia, the state department of education and Amazon Web Services wants to train a future workforce in cloud computing.
The state’s Department of Banking issued an industry notice last week to let state-chartered banks know that they have the authority to provide custody services for virtual currencies, like bitcoin.
Proposals in the House, along with the separate legislation introduced in the Senate, would lead to the biggest reform of competition laws in the U.S. since the first antitrust rules were passed in the late 19th century.
With the federal government unwilling to take the politically charged step of creating or endorsing a universal digital health pass or app, several companies are trying to fill the void.
The use of telehealth appointments exploded during the COVID-19 pandemic. Now, the state Medicaid programs that began paying for phone visits are weighing how to proceed as people return to normal appointments.