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The legislation and regulation behind state and local gov tech, including transportation, Internet speeds, citizen protections and more.

A bill in Congress would fund the development of data analytics tools to improve cybersecurity for Texas' energy systems, in partnership with local governments, the ports of Beaumont and Port Arthur and local industry.
A machine learning tool designed to predict where crime might occur across eight major U.S. cities is also helping to highlight areas that are not receiving adequate police protection — often poorer neighborhoods.
Gov. Kathy Hochul's 2023 state budget will cover two-thirds of the cost of a new building intended to grow the local STEM workforce through research in A.I., quantum science, advanced materials and other fields.
Industry experts point out several concerns regarding the use of digital currencies for campaign donations. The issues of transparency, market volatility and a lack of regulations are among the key concerns.
Panelists in a session at the ISTELive 22 annual conference emphasized the importance of advocacy groups, and how supporting them can lead to major dollars going to schools and ed tech through legislation.
While a handful of higher ed institutions are now accepting cryptocurrencies for tuition payments, the trend has yet to take off at most universities for reasons such as environmental impacts and market volatility.
A Pennsylvania district's technology committee has recommended requiring families to pay an annual fee of $15-$20 per student, depending on how many students they have, to cover network service, technology and repairs.
Seeing a problem with keeping computers organized when they're turned in to teachers, an Ohio school district will assign students one device to keep for fifth through eighth, and then ninth through 12th grade.
A program being developed by Sutter County Probations Office in California will partner with middle schools to teach life skills in the digital age, addressing topics like digital footprints and cyber bullying.
Newly reintroduced legislation could soon force social media companies to publicly share their policies related to removing content. Advocacy groups, however, have several concerns regarding the bill.