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The act of taking steps to ensure that if and when disaster strikes a community, family, business, etc., has done something to help respond to the hazard.  

Understaffing had become a key source of contention in negotiations, as nurses argued they were being given excessive caseloads and forced to work back-to-back shifts because nobody else was available to care for their patients.
"We will be installing voice over IP (VOIP) speakers as a public address system that will integrate with our existing emergency notification system," said Matt Franz, senior vice president for technology, safety, and strategic initiatives.
A new report shows that 90 percent of U.S. counties have experienced a climate-related federal disaster declaration and suggests that a paradigm shift from recovery to resilience is critical.
A funding request is necessary to do an assessment to determine what is needed to fill the position. The idea is for the public safety manager to oversee fire, police, emergency management and animal control.
The renewed scrutiny comes exactly two decades after the hurricane center debuted the cone of uncertainty, sometimes called the cone of concern. It’s a simple tool, showing the projected direction of the hurricane’s powerful eye over five days.

The Sea Level Rise Response Collaborative executive committee meets about four times a year and is made up of representatives from Olympia, LOTT Clean Water Alliance and the Port of Olympia.
"It never was a challenge before," said Jessica Holden, a registered nurse. "It's a dilemma. Why is it that we are not getting the number of applicants that we got before. There used to be waiting lists. We are not seeing those anymore."

Ahead of cold winter temperatures, Texas residents should know the basics of gathering an emergency kit and getting alerts from officials, as well as knowing how to stay warm and avoid conditions like frostbite.
The $150 million My Safe Florida Home Project is now available for homeowners to receive free wind mitigation inspections and apply for $10,000 grants to upgrade structures in preparation for hurricanes.
Much of the money being thrown at fire safety has gone toward new equipment. Currently, Cal Fire is staffing 356 engines throughout California. The agency will be drawing back to 243 engines for the winter months.