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The act of taking steps to ensure that if and when disaster strikes a community, family, business, etc., has done something to help respond to the hazard.  

The Federal Emergency Management Agency has answered Leominster's call for help after flood waters ravaged parts of the city, Mayor Dean Mazzarella said on a Facebook livestream on Monday.
The platform will help keep city residents and nearly 23 million visitors apprised of infrastructure updates and improvements, and inform them of severe weather and other potential hazards.
“It all comes back to being thorough. Background investigators need to be trained in specifically doing a background investigation because it’s not like every other investigation,” said John Letteney, president of the International Association of Chiefs of Police.

The draft controversially concluded that N95 face masks are equivalent to looser, surgical face masks in certain settings — and that doctors and nurses need to wear only surgical masks when treating patients infected by “common, endemic” viruses.
“Counties in states with permit-to-purchase firearm laws saw a 15% reduction in firearm homicide incidence rates; counties in states with right-to-carry laws saw a 21% increase in firearm homicide incidence rates,” the study said.
Now that they know they are at risk from exposure to PFAS, military firefighters at the more than 700 active and former military installations that have been polluted by AFFF are wondering what to do now.
The Gray fire was one of two wildfires that consumed hundreds of homes, burned thousands of acres and killed two people in Spokane County this summer.
Following the CDC’s recommendation that everyone over 6 months of age receive the new COVID-19 booster, the Infectious Diseases Society of America says widespread vaccination could prevent 15,000 deaths over the next two years.
FEMA's preliminary assessment of damages to uninsured public infrastructure came in at about $1.6 million, said Ashley Paulsrud, grants and finance section chief for the Wyoming Office of Homeland Security.
The virus sometimes causes severe illness even in those without underlying conditions, causing more deaths in children than other vaccine-preventable diseases, as chickenpox did before vaccines against those pathogens were universally recommended.