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The act of taking steps to ensure that if and when disaster strikes a community, family, business, etc., has done something to help respond to the hazard.  

The funding, approved by Congress and signed by President Donald Trump in March 2020, was part of a $2.2 trillion stimulus bill that came at the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic in the United States.
For now, this is a trial run. Guilford County Schools is borrowing these Evolv Express touchless body scanners before deciding whether to lease them for its traditional high schools across the district.
Ahead of what promises to be another severe fire season on the West Coast, many U.S. Forest Service firefighters are leaving their jobs due to low wages, worsening conditions and poor quality of life.
A two-dose COVID-19 vaccine for children ages 6 months to five years was approved by the Federal Drug Administration yesterday. If CDC advisers give it the greenlight, vaccinations could start June 21.
Climate change and record dryness are creating an increasingly dangerous situation for California. Did the Golden State learn anything from its last drought? Experts say yes and no.
County supervisors on Monday held budget hearings for the 2022-23 fiscal year that begins July 1. They seemed to favor giving at least $5.4 million in general fund money for fuel reduction, perhaps as a starting point.
Officials count on the alerts as the most effective way to reach our nose-in-the-phone culture with timely information about not just wildfires, but also earthquakes, floods and other disasters.
“And if you’re always sending out the alarm signal, people will habituate to it and they won’t respond in a way that’s going to protect them and protect the community. So I really find that that has significant value.”
"Shooting events are going to occur. The more we are trained, trained and trained, the better we can respond to them. The better our situational awareness is to what's around us — not just in a school setting."
Flood risk can be high after wildfires, leading to a secondary disaster. Sonoma County, Calif., installed a flood monitoring solution after the wildfires of 2017 to keep the communities from experiencing dangerous flooding.