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Ransomware is a type of malware in which hackers access files and encrypt them, demanding payment to restore access. Coverage includes ransomware attacks on cities, states, schools and public utilities, as well as legislative efforts to curb the threat and set policy on how to respond.

After Fremont County called a declaration of local disaster because of a cyber attack against computer systems, departments have been steadily coming back online thanks to the county's IT team.
City officials in Wheat Ridge, Colo., have decided not to pay the $5 million ransom demanded by the cyber criminals that breached city systems Aug. 29. The attack forced the closure of City Hall for more than a week.
The cybercriminals responsible for the Sept. 3 attack against Los Angeles Unified School District systems are now making ransom demands. Officials said they do not believe student Social Security numbers were accessed.
The South Redford School District has canceled classes for the second day in a row following a cyber attack against its computer system. Cyber attacks against school networks are only expected to increase through 2023.
With ransomware attacks against school districts becoming more aggressive amid the influx of digital tools being used in the classroom, digital identity management software could help save schools millions in payouts.
The Fremont County Board of Commissioners voted to extend the emergency declaration that followed an Aug. 27 cyber attack against government systems. This is the second time commissioners have voted to extend the declaration.
Forensic investigators say a ransomware attack in June that shut down the college's website and network systems could have given intruders access to first and last names, Social Security numbers and other data.
While LAUSD is still investigating a cyber attack that crippled its network over Labor Day weekend, the FBI said criminal syndicates such as Vice Society are habitually targeting schools and hospitals.
A ransomware attack during Super Bowl week on San Francisco 49ers systems that breached nearly 21,000 individual ticket-holder and other files has resulted in a class action lawsuit filed against the organization.
Colorado officials have determined a cyber attack discovered by Fremont County officials in mid-August and which has limited county services for three weeks was carried out by a ransomware variant.