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Ransomware is a type of malware in which hackers access files and encrypt them, demanding payment to restore access. Coverage includes ransomware attacks on cities, states, schools and public utilities, as well as legislative efforts to curb the threat and set policy on how to respond.

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission wants to take the fight to hackers by developing cybersecurity standards that outline how U.S. power grids can search for intruders within networks.
Police departments across the country suffered a slew of damaging ransomware attacks in 2021. The new year promised more of the same, but what should law enforcement agencies really be concerned with in 2022?
Classes have resumed at Albuquerque Public Schools after a ransomware attack last week attempted to extort money from the district. The superintendent called for state or federal resources to help combat these threats.
Yesterday, federal officials discussed which cybersecurity policies should take highest priority. Two suggestions involved mandatory incident reporting and addressing the semiconductor chip shortage.
The Maryland Department of Health said a ransomware attack is what disrupted its systems and services last month. Although officials didn't state much about the attack, they said the ransom wasn't paid.
SolarWinds’ latest annual Public Sector Cybersecurity Survey glimpses into state and local government priorities, including a focus on access management and concerns over curiosity- and reputation-driven hacking.
Richland School District’s website is back up and running this week after a ransomware attack prompted the hosting company to shut down thousands of websites. District officials say no sensitive information was at risk.
Websites went offline last week after the college and K-12 digital communications and marketing platform was hit by a cyber attack. The firm said that there is no evidence that data was compromised in the attack.
New Mexico’s most heavily populated county was hit with an apparent ransomware attack early Wednesday morning. Many systems are shut down, but public safety services remain in operation.
What will the New Year bring in cyber space? Here’s your annual roundup of the top security industry forecasts, trends and cybersecurity prediction reports for calendar year 2022.