The 15th annual SWeETy (Summer Welding & Electrical Technology) Camp at Calhoun Community College, Alabama, is training high school girls for careers as electricians, welders, engineers and other male-dominated jobs.
The Ohio General Assembly is preparing to vote on the structure and timeline for mandating computer science for K-12 students. A committee will reconcile the House bill with a Senate bill later this month.
The digital textbook company is offering free K-12 digital educational materials focused on STEM subjects, designed for families and educators trying to combat achievement gaps that have widened during the pandemic.
Recent legislation in New Jersey will direct colleges and universities to address barriers of entry to STEM programs for women and people of color, with the goal of connecting underrepresented groups with in-demand jobs.
Long interested in bridging educational gaps for women and people of color, a teacher at Bret Harte Middle School in California has inspired students and recruited them to computer studies with all-girls classes.
Trinity Christian School won a grant from the Society of Amateur Radio Astronomers to build a hydrogen line radio telescope. The school is also launching a summer coding workshop for the public.
The university will launch the new two-year degree program this fall, hoping to produce graduates who can not only build upon the science of artificial intelligence but also communicate its potential and limits.
Web-based programs such as the coding kit LINGO and the mobile app Capri, which teaches financial literacy, are helping women and people of color prepare for jobs in which they're underrepresented.
Following a $1 million donation from the same person last year, the new contribution will help the university analyze an asteroid sample and give students and faculty more time with the Giant Magellan Telescope project.
It's been a decade since Maine authorized charter schools, and today they teach less than 2 percent of the state's public school students. Graduation rates have been lower, while student performance has been mixed.