Center for Digital Government Senior Fellows

Center for Digital Government Senior Fellows

The Center for Digital Government (CDG) Senior Fellows are experienced and respected state and local government practitioners and scholars who have demonstrated records of success in support of public service. Sharing their expertise, they write papers, speak at events, moderate webinars and advise both the public and private sector through specific CDG projects and programs.

Michael Armstrong

Armstrong became Chief Information Officer for the City of Des Moines, IA in 1997 and also served as an Assistant City Manager. He was CIO for the City of San Antonio, TX for approximately two years, and joined the City of Corpus Christi in October, 2007. He served on the Board of Directors for the Public Technology Institute, is a past member of the Network Leadership group at the John F. Kennedy School at Harvard University, and is the recipient of a number of awards and technology leadership recognitions. He has built a number of fiber optic networks, and led both Des Moines and Corpus Christi to first-place rankings in the Center's Digital Government survey. He retired in May, 2015.

Kevin Belden

Kevin Belden has 35 years of experience working in and for a variety of government entities, in capacities ranging from organizational analysis and budgeting to information technology leadership. Never happy with the status quo, throughout his career he has led multiple initiatives aimed at fundamentally improving the performance of key government functions and enhancing organizational capabilities. He is known as an innovative and collaborative leader who works effectively with others to get big things done.

Lucien Canton

Lucien Canton is a management consultant specializing in helping managers lead better in crisis. He has been in turn a professional soldier, a private security manager, and an emergency manager before becoming a consultant.

Paul Clanton

Paul Clanton has devoted his career to helping local governments be on the forefront of using technology to increase value delivered to the public. He has over 30 years in various Information technology roles in both the public and private sectors including 20 years successfully leading Information Technology departments. He is now turning his experience and expertise to helping government organizations get the most value from their significant investment in people, process, and technology.

Doug Couto

Doug Couto has more than 35 years in public sector executive leadership roles that includes the US Air Force, State of Iowa (CIO), and the State of Michigan (Information Officer and DOT CIO). When he moved to the private sector (Citrix and Dell), he continued working with state/local governments and education to maximize the benefits of technologies such as virtual desktops, mobility solutions and cloud computing.

Shell Culp

Shell Culp is a principal with Almirante Partners and the former agency information officer and chief deputy director of Office of Systems Integration for the California Health and Human Services Agency (CHHS). Shell was an early instigator for open data in CHHS and continues to work toward interoperability in state and local government. In her work at Almirante Partners and with experience in health and human services, as well as four other agencies, Shell is focused on helping organizations target strategic initiatives with innovative perspective gained from a lifetime of experience in many different areas of government, with particular emphasis on improving IT project management. Always a thought leader, Shell's passion for performance improvement in government also makes her a champion of interoperability, open data and organizational change management, and she speaks about these topics across the country.

Clay Jenkinson

Clay Jenkinson began presenting Thomas Jefferson in character in 1984 and has since made presentations in nearly every state to thousands of gatherings, including school children, supreme court justices, a gala celebration of the 250th anniversary of Jefferson's birth at a White House event hosted by President and Mrs. Clinton, and many assemblies of state legislatures.

William H Leighty

Until September of 2007 Bill served as Chief of Staff to Governors Kaine and Warner of Virginia. As Chief of Staff, Bill served as the Chief Operating Officer of the Commonwealth. In 2005, Governing Magazine named Virginia the “Best Managed State in the Nation” and in 2007, Governing Magazine named him one of the nine “Public Officials of the Year.”

Michael McVicker

For 30 years, Mike McVicker has dedicated his career to the State of Washington. Joining Washington in 1984 in the Washington central data center, he rose through the ranks to become Assistant Director of Computing Services for six years, the Assistant Director of Telecommunication Services for four years, the Deputy Director of Operations and finally the Director of the Department of Information Services.

Patrick Moore

Patrick Moore has spent his career working to improve government and its responsiveness to citizens. Patrick spent 8 years working for Georgia Governor Sonny Perdue, who was committed to making Georgia the best managed state in the nation. Patrick helped Governor Perdue implement an organizational model that was unique to government, and served as state CIO from 2006-2010. During that time Patrick led a transformational restructuring of the state's technology function. Patrick's most recent experience in the private sector put him in a leading role for some of the largest strategic procurements in the state government market in the last four years. He is the managing principal for Set Consulting, and is working to help governments and private sector firms implement strategies and partnerships that harness technology's power for outcomes that benefit citizens.

Joe Panora

Joe Panora has over 34 years of state public service with fourteen (14) years serving in the Correctional Safety/Public Safety Law Enforcement as IT Director/Chief Information Officer (CIO). Joe Panora was appointed by Governor Schwarzenegger and Governor Brown to serve as Director of the Enterprise Information Services (EIS) for the Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR), since January 2008. During his career, Joe has also served for the following departments: Caltrans, Franchise Tax Board, Employment Development Department, State Controller’s Office and California Youth Authority. Joe retired from state service as the Director of EIS for CDCR in December 2014. In January 2015, Joe formed Panora Associates INC.

Dugan Petty

For fifteen years, Dugan Petty served in Oregon State Government. His goal was to improve its effectiveness at the enterprise level. He served as the State’s Chief Information Officer for six years. His collaborative leadership led to a new e-government delivery system, open government applications, strengthening security, and improvements in IT governance.

Bill Ryan

For more than 31 years, Bill Ryan has dedicated his career to the Anne Arundel County, MD. Most recently, as Chief Information Officer, Bill was responsible for all operational and strategic Information Technology functions for the County, providing services to County, Library, School Board and Community College employees at over 300 facilities. One of Bill’s primary, and highly visible tasks was ensuring that all County government entities and its citizens received the full benefits of a multi-year, robust fiber optic network - owned and operated by the County.

Harold Tuck

For more than 25 years, Harold Tuck has dedicated his career to the County of San Diego. Most recently, as Chief Information Officer, Tuck was responsible for all operational and strategic Information Technology functions for the County, providing services to 17,000 County employees at over 200 facilities. One of Tuck’s primary, and highly visible tasks was ensuring that County government and its citizens received the full benefits of a multi-year, $700 million IT Outsourcing Contract, making the County the first Municipal Government to outsource all IT functions to the private sector.

Alan B Williams

Alan Williams graduated from Rickards High School in 1993 and earned his B.S. and M.B.A. degrees in Business Administration from Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University (FAMU).

Bob Woolley

Bob was the Chief Technical Architect for the state of Utah’s Department of Technology Services, including the development of the state’s portal. Utah has been widely recognized in these areas with numerous national awards. He has also been a technical lead and RFP writer for the WSCA/NASPO Cloud and Data Communication Procurements. He has experience with state, county and higher education employee skill assessments and technology upgrade implementations.

Morgan Wright

Morgan is an internationally recognized expert on cybersecurity strategy, cyberterrorism, identity theft and privacy. Morgan's landmark testimony before Congress on changed how the government collected personally identifiable information. He’s made hundreds of appearances on national news, radio, print and web, and has spoken to audiences around the world. Previously Morgan was a Senior Advisor in the US State Department Antiterrorism Assistance Program and Senior Law Enforcement Advisor for the 2012 Republican National Convention. In addition to 18 years in state and local law enforcement, Morgan has developed solutions in defense, justice and intelligence for the largest technology companies in the world including Cisco, Unisys and SAIC. He’s a contributing author for the 4th Edition Computer Security Handbook, and has been quoted in 2 New York Times best sellers (Sharyl Attkisson: Stonewalled and Carmine Gallow: Talk Like TED). Morgan has a new book coming out in August 2016 ‘Identity Predators: Win The War Against Hackers, Scammers and Thieves’.