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Traffic Tech Firm Derq Sets Its AI-Powered Sights on Texas

The startup has partnered with Paradigm Traffic Systems on a push to bring better technology to road safety and traffic management in the state. The move reflects the rise of smart traffic controls and connected vehicles.

traffic light
Traffic safety technology startup Derq is trying to make a splash in Texas via a deal with Paradigm Traffic Systems that involves artificial intelligence and analytics. The move is the latest effort by Derq to capture business in a highly populated U.S. state.

A statement from Derq — which traces its roots to MIT and says its software give local governments access to AI-powered analytics designed to manage traffic and improve road safety — announced that the company will combine its technology with “Paradigm’s strong market presence and long-standing customer relationships to enhance road safety and smart traffic infrastructure in the state of Texas.”

Launched in 1994 and based in Texas, Paradigm focuses on traffic control service and installation, traffic management on freeways and other tasks. The platforms sold by Derq — INSIGHT and SENSE — offer real-time data and analysis around traffic control and infrastructure, and reflect the rise of connected vehicles, smart traffic devices and associated apps.

Paradigm’s customers can upgrade their infrastructure with those Derq platforms, according to the statement.

“Our partnership with Paradigm enables us to leverage their trusted relationships and strong track record with various agencies across Texas, a state that is at the forefront of piloting and adopting cutting-edge (intelligent transportation systems) and (connected and automated vehicle) solutions,” said Georges Aoude, CEO and co-founder of Derq, in that statement. “Our goal is to improve road safety and efficiency for our customers and deliver this societal impact at scale. Several agencies across Texas have made road safety a top priority. Partnering with Paradigm, the leading distributor in Texas, aligns with our goal to support state and local agencies in achieving their vision-zero priorities.”

In late spring, Derq announced that it had demonstrated its technology to the Florida Department of Transportation in an effort to show how the company can help reduce pedestrian and bicyclist deaths.

That demonstration came as the federal government reported that pedestrian and bicyclist deaths increased 13 percent and 5 percent, respectively, year over year in 2021. Derq made the demonstration as the federal government is increasing its funding of programs to reduce all roadway fatalities.