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As extreme heat events continue to test the power grid in parts of the U.S., the large batteries in electric vehicles are being seen as an opportunity to help smooth out consumer demand peaks. 
Proponents are hopeful that after yet another extension earlier this month of the pandemic-era rule that expanded its use, virtual proceedings will find a more permanent place in the courtroom.
Under a new state rule proposed Thursday, Texas schools would have to keep two-way emergency radios on campus, install panic buttons in classrooms, and have weekly door inspections to ensure they close and lock.
New laws in Florida and Texas set the stage for states to have more control over what’s posted on social media, but that could soon be tested at the U.S. Supreme Court and mean potential changes to the First Amendment.
Consumers' appetite for locally grown produce, technological advances in agriculture and efforts to shorten supply chains are fomenting the growth of the vertical farming in Texas and around the world.
Renovations to the University of Texas Permian Basin's library will include an eSports arena with large TVs and 12 high-performance gaming work stations, plus offices and an event space with a stage and seating for 100.
The CritterCoin platform is giving teachers in some Dallas classrooms a new avenue to encourage participation among their students: non-fungible tokens. The digital coins help to track student and group activity.
There is a booming and borderless economy of digital scamming that siphons billions of dollars every year from low and middle-income Americans and has grown almost exponentially following the onset of the pandemic.
More than a thousand homes and businesses in one of South Texas’ largest cities will soon be able to connect to the Internet at the lightning-fast speeds that are afforded by fiber-optic cables.
Seeing how students responded to drone pilot competitions at her school, a San Antonio-area teacher is gathering support to persuade the University Interscholastic League to make it an official state academic program.