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The startup’s new tool gives people the ability to search for specific properties or browse and filter by attribute. It also seeks to tell users not just what a property is now, but what it could be in the future.
As artificial intelligence gains ground among governments, firefighters and other first responders could soon depend much more upon the technology. As the market grows, various companies are gearing up in different ways.
Vimo, which runs some of the largest state health insurance exchanges with its GetInsured software, has acquired the company for its health and safety net service delivery management technology.
The latest in a string of acquisitions for the Canadian public safety tech company reflects the push to upgrade emergency dispatch services as well as the hot M&A market for government technology.
ResourceX, which works on Priority-Based Budgeting, has pulled in a seed investment round right as the federal government is poised to pump billions of dollars in infrastructure funding into state and local government.
The New York-based company is pushing into the public sector as more agencies lean on the latest tools to prevent fraudulent claims for services and benefits. The funding reflects digital ID’s move into the mainstream.
Software from Gridics is giving city planners access to 3D environments to help residents develop homes, analyze proposed zoning changes and development plans, and understand the potential effects of climate change.
As more public agencies turn to digital tools, Google has released a new cloud-based resource to help government agencies and universities set up cloud environments for the development and testing of new technology.
The SaaS company Balancing Act, which sells budget simulation software, now has a similar tool for local housing plans. The company aims to boost public engagement in cities as pressure mounts for affordable dwellings.
Leaders in academia and the tech industry signed a report last week, ‘Action to Catalyze Tech,’ advising companies and institutions on how to address the under-representation of women and non-white workers.
SAP has contracted with Louisiana to make the state’s human resources functions cloud-based and data-driven, reflecting a growing demand for cloud services and performance metrics in state and local government.
This week's InState GovTech Summit in Austin featured tech vendors discussing how to crack the growing public-sector market. The founder of PayIt described what’s changing as governments increasingly turn to startups.
At the InState GovTech Summit in Austin, a panel of venture capitalists was optimistic about the ongoing trend of growth and investment in public-sector technology, particularly among startups and newer companies.
In this quarterly series, gov tech adviser Jeff Cook takes a look at the rapid pace of recent deals — transactions that involved such companies as Granicus, OpenCities and CivicPlus.
The fresh capital will help Comtech Telecommunications continue building its networks and upgrading emergency dispatch services. The investment coincides with the rising popularity of cloud-based dispatch tools.