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America Succeeds Partners With Edmentum to Teach Durable Skills

The digital education company Edmentum will add curriculum materials from the nonprofit America Succeeds to its career and technical education courses to help students build “soft skills” like critical thinking and creativity.

A person holding a tablet in their upturned palm with the word "skills" hovering above the screen.
The digital education company Edmentum, which makes accelerated-learning tools for students who need extra tutoring or alternative programs, is working with the education nonprofit America Succeeds to teach professional “durable skills” to middle and high school students.

According to a news release last week, America Succeeds worked with over 800 educators, professionals and policymakers to define some of the most essential “durable” or soft skills across industries and job sectors — skills like critical thinking, creativity, collaboration and metacognition. By partnering with America Succeeds, Edmentum will incorporate that framework for teaching durable skills into its own catalog of career and technical education (CTE) courses for middle and high school, with the goal of preparing students for a modern workforce where those skills are in high demand.

“Secondary education is undergoing a significant transformation, and a major part of that involves new ways of thinking on how to better prepare students for their future careers,” Edmentum CEO Jamie Candee said in a public statement. “We are excited that this partnership enables us to integrate the Durable Skills framework into Edmentum’s CTE courses and help students develop the critical skills they will need throughout their lives and across any career path they may choose.”

As part of this work, the announcement said, Edmentum recently unveiled new CTE courses that allow students to explore different career pathways starting in middle school.

“This partnership embeds valuable skill-building into middle-school content that paves the way for future success,” America Succeeds’ co-founder and President Tim Taylor said in a public statement. “Together we can ensure students are able to develop and demonstrate the Durable Skills that are critical for economic mobility and success in today’s dynamic workforce.”