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Great Minds PBC Gets $150M Investment for Digital Learning

With a huge investment from A-Street — $100 million for scaling up innovative student learning materials, plus $50 million to make A-Street a minority stockholder — Great Minds PBC is poised for growth.

An enormous investment has set up a K-12 curricula company with funds to expand its offerings. A-Street, an investment fund that focuses on companies looking to transform K-12 education, ponied up $150 million for shares of Great Minds PBC, a public benefit company and subsidiary of the nonprofit Great Minds, which enlists teachers and academics to write curricula.

The deal, announced Thursday in a news release, will help Great Minds to grow its public benefit company, which develops PK-12 curricula that has won top ratings in states such as California, Louisiana, Massachusetts and Texas. The investment includes $100 million of newly issued shares plus $50 million to transfer shares from Great Minds to A-Street, making A-Street a minority stockholder in the company.

Additionally, the news release said that former Louisiana state Superintendent of Education John White, who previously worked on the Great Minds PBC Board, was brought on as chief success officer. He will start in September, overseeing the customer experience including professional development and implementation.

“We plan to leverage this new investment and John White's leadership to further innovate, broaden our reach, and put forward new resources that personalize and improve student learning,” Great Minds Founder and Chief Executive Officer Lynne Munson said in a public statement.

Designing materials for math, English and science, Great Minds PBC has produced the Eureka Math2, Wit & Wisdom (ELA) and Geodes books for emerging readers as well as the hands-on PhD Science materials for K-5 — products that have been used by millions of students across all 50 states, the news release said.

"Every child needs and deserves access to a high-quality curriculum and every teacher should be provided with the materials, training and resources to help unlock the greatness in every child," White said in a public statement. "Great Minds is working to make that a reality, and I'm excited to join in their mission."