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Panorama Education Buys Mesa Cloud for Student Monitoring

The acquisition will expand Panorama’s suite of K-12 student monitoring tools to include daily transcript scans, which automate some of the work guidance counselors do to keep students on track for graduation.

A person wearing a graduation cap and gown holding up a diploma silhouetted against a blue sky with clouds.
The Boston-based Panorama Education has acquired another software company for its technology that helps schools monitor K-12 student journeys at a level of detail that often goes unnoticed by the human eye.

Panorama, whose platform includes tools for tracking student attendance, behavior and academic performance, will incorporate into its offerings a graduation-management system by Mesa Cloud, which automates daily transcript scans that flag students who are off track for their intended high school completion date. As described in a news release this month, when a guidance counselor, teachers or other appropriate staff members are notified of a flag, they can take steps to put the student back on track well before the end of a quarterly marking period.

According to the news release, high school guidance counselors on average support more than 400 students in a typical academic year, so Mesa Cloud’s system intends to give them a faster and more reliable way to pay attention to every student on a regular basis.

The news release said Mesa Cloud previously determined that on the first day of school alone, 1 in 4 high school students are impacted by unrecognized mistakes on school schedules or transcripts. These problems, if undiscovered, can result in students not graduating on time, which could also influence whether or not a student goes to college. Last year, Mesa Cloud helped guidance counselors identify and resolve more than half a million transcript errors across 40 school districts, according to the release.

Prior to the acquisition, Mesa Cloud was available in California, Texas, Florida, Alabama, North Carolina, South Carolina, Mississippi and Wisconsin. Panorama is now looking to expand it to other states, according to the news release.

“We’re thrilled to offer this technology to school districts, freeing up limited resources that are necessary to help students overcome some of the serious learning and behavior issues students are struggling with today,” Panorama Education CEO Aaron Feuer said in a public statement.

Mesa Cloud co-founder John Kennedy said in a public statement that this partnership will accelerate the movement of graduation-planning workflows from binders and spreadsheets to the cloud, and by extension, his company’s mission to boost graduation rates across the United States.

According to the news release, Panorama Education’s platform serves 15 million students in 2,000 districts, or a total of 25,000 schools, across the United States. Prior to the acquisition of Mesa, Panorama signed a Student Data Privacy Pledge for safeguarding information security and student privacy.