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Promethean Buys Explain Everything’s Digital Whiteboard Tools

The merger will incorporate all of Explain Everything’s employees and assets, which include a digital whiteboard app that allows collaboration between K-12 teachers and students, into Promethean’s suite of classroom tools.

Promethean, a global company with a slew of ed-tech tools for teachers and students across 22 countries, has acquired a Connecticut-based company for its digital whiteboard platform.

Promethean said in a news release today that it bought Explain Everything and all of its assets to add to its offerings, which include ActivPanel interactive displays and lesson software such as ActivInspire and ClassFlow.

Emphasizing Promethean’s potential to build its offerings through partnerships and collaboration, the news release said Explain Everything’s whiteboard platform will be an asset to the company’s portfolio of classroom tools, allowing users to animate and draw, create videos and collaborate on any mobile platform.

The announcement comes just weeks after a Technavio report which said that the collaborative whiteboard software market is expected to grow by some $2.35 billion by 2026.

Promethean Chief Executive Officer Vin Riera said in a public statement that his company is continually searching for ways to innovate and improve the learning experience, which led to the recent acquisition. The entire Explain Everything staff will move over to Promethean in the transaction, according to the news release.

“Joining the Explain Everything team with ours is part of our commitment to continuously innovate and work towards providing a superior interactive experience from anywhere,” Riera said.

Explain Everything co-founder and CEO Reshan Richards agreed that the missions of the two companies align, and they are now poised to provide more effective interactive learning tools. In addition to those, Promethean also offers professional development for teachers.

Tools offered by Promethean have recently been recognized among the best in ed tech for the current academic year. The company said in a release last month that its ActivPanel tool improved student outcomes at a rural K-12 district in South Carolina in less than a year.