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Twinsburg Schools Will Offer 'Ohio Online Learning' Option

Twinsburg City Schools will offer virtual classes through Ohio Online Learning, sponsored by the Educational Service Center of Northeast Ohio, to students whose grades and attendance meet certain criteria.

The Twinsburg school board listens to the plans for the 2021-22 school year during its June 23 meeting. Pictured from left are school board members Adrienne Gordon, Mark Curtis and Rob Felber.
April Helms,
(TNS) — The Twinsburg City Schools are working towards a plan that, to date, will more closely resemble school years before the pandemic.

Superintendent Kathryn Powers said that information will soon be sent to parents about the 2021-22 school year so they can start planning.

"We tried to make it so that parents have some direction, while letting them know that this could change," Powers said during the school board's June 23 meeting.

Powers said the district is encouraging its students to return to on-campus learning for the school year. However, parents interested in a virtual option "will be directed to Ohio Online Learning." This option is sponsored by the Educational Service Center of Northeast Ohio. Students participating in Ohio Online Learning will still be considered a student with the Twinsburg City Schools.

Families who wish to have their students take classes through the Ohio Online Learning will have to meet certain criteria to enroll, Powers said. For example, students who were absent for 72 or more hours without a valid excuse, or two or more days per month over nine months without a valid excuse, would not be eligible. Students who had a D or F in two or more subjects for two or more quarters also would not be eligible.

The district also would look at academic progress overall for students who were in the virtual option in the last school year. Students whose grades lowered by two letter grades in two or more subjects for two or more quarters would not be eligible.

Students who were in the virtual option last year also must have been engaged in their classes, Powers said.

"There were students who logged on, then disappeared," Powers said. "They have to have actively participated. If we've had to do the work to find out where you were, you need to be on campus."

Feedback from educators involved with the student also would be consulted about a student's performance and whether they feel the student can succeed in a virtual setting, Powers said.

Students with medical issues that would make going to school in-person difficult "would be supported," Powers said.

Masking requirements and social distancing

Students 12 and older would not be required to wear masks in the school buildings; staff members who teach or supervise students 12 and older would not be required to wear masks unless they are working with medically fragile students, Powers said. In addition, students and staff who are fully vaccinated would not be required to quarantine if they are exposed to COVID-19. It is recommended that students 12 and older and staff members who are not vaccinated wear a mask while in the buildings.

Because they have not had a chance to be vaccinated yet, students in kindergarten to 11 years old will still be required to wear masks, as will staff working with that age group, Powers said. Preschool students will not be required to wear masks, but "it will be strongly encouraged."

Powers said that the Center for Disease Control has ordered that those taking mass transit, including school buses, should wear masks. The school district will require students and staff taking the bus to wear a mask. This school year, there will be two students per seat.

Social distancing between students will be at least 4 feet for preschool through eighth grade, and at least 4 1/2 feet for high school students, Powers said.

Meals and recess

School meals will be served in the classrooms again this coming school year, Powers said.

Younger students will have recess with their class cohorts, Powers said. They will also be permitted to use the playground equipment on a rotating basis.

Next meeting

The next regular school board meeting is July 14 a 7 p.m. in the high school's Large Group Instruction Room. Twinsburg High School is at 10084 Ravenna Road.

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