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Drivers exceeding speed limits in Colorado Springs could be caught on camera if the city implements a new system that uses radar technology to track and identify speeders.
The county, through its Trailability Program, is using off-road TerrainHoppers to make trails accessible to people with disabilities; this year, GPS will enable solo rides. The county is also sharing scenery information via auditory devices., based in Denver, is offering its threat detection software to K-12 districts free of charge. The company’s initiative was followed by state legislation calling for school grants to pay for security systems.
Plus, a mapping tool helps inform the permitting process, tribes in New Mexico get $10 million for digital equity, and more.
The City Council has given its first approval to appropriating public safety tax funds to build the facility, estimated to cost $2.3 million plus roughly $700,000 in annual operating costs. A second reading of the appropriation is set for April 2.
A ransomware attack discovered in early February locked public defenders across the state out of their computers and files. The Office of the Colorado State Public Defender has acknowledged personal data may have been stolen.
The legislators are wading into an ongoing public debate that involves constitutional rights, consumer protections, parental responsibility and quickly evolving technologies.
As artificial intelligence integrate across almost all sectors, lawmakers are working to safeguard their constituents against potential biases and set ethical standards around the technology.
Jill Fraser, who was serving as the interim chief information security officer after the departure of Ray Yepes, has been selected to serve as the state's permanent CISO. She brings more than a decade of experience in a similar role.
As artificial intelligence continues to reshape society, some of Colorado’s highest-profile federal lawmakers are trying to establish guardrails without shutting down the technology altogether.