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The technology was taken off the table in 2021 for Minneapolis police and city agencies. But Minnesota’s Mall of America is using it for security, “identifying individuals of interest.”
The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources wants a better handle on the deer population in certain areas of the state and is starting a three-year research project to get the answers.
Legislation recently signed by Minnesota Gov. Tim Walz enables the operation of hybrid car-airplane vehicles on state roads and airstrips. The state is the second in recent years to enact such a law.
The most recent legislative session saw a bill requiring every school district and charter school to set cellphone use policies by March 15, 2025. Other bills aimed to forbid book-banning and study issues with attendance.
Law enforcement officials have cracked down on the illegal behavior, with some agencies using pickup trucks outfitted with cameras for a higher vantage point to peer into vehicles and catch distracted driving.
With a crowd of more than 900 people, the NASCIO Midyear Conference buzzed with energy about generative artificial intelligence, along with concern that humans remain in charge.
States across the country are laying the foundation for a strong data program, but many admit there's a lot of work ahead of them. At NASCIO, we learned from Minnesota CIO Tarek Tomes and Texas CIO Amanda Crawford about how they support data literacy at the enterprise level.
Minnesota's licensing and permitting system for outdoor recreation — everything from bobcat trapping to Nordic skiing on state trails — will undergo an electronic transformation next year.
Separating kids from smartphones is a challenge, with polling showing more than 95 percent of teens have access to the devices and 54 percent say it'd be at least somewhat hard to give up social media.
With driving while intoxicated arrests rising, Minnesota is turning to tech for solutions. The state is piloting cutting-edge roadside drug testing devices with unexpected participants: people arrested for DWI.