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These are stories about efforts to make physical improvements that better equip communities to withstand emergencies. This also includes planning efforts in advance of natural or human-made hazards to ensure continuity when a disaster happens.

Researchers in the United States and Europe have seen coronaviruses with frightening mutations arise in COVID-19 patients whose natural defenses have been suppressed by drugs to fight cancer or manage autoimmune disorders.
As of February, the Washington State Department of Transportation has retrofitted 323 bridges and partially retrofitted another 114. That’s about a $144 million investment.
The trend underscores the waning immunity in Minnesotans who received COVID-19 vaccines six or more months ago, including seniors and people with underlying health conditions who were prioritized for the earliest doses last winter.
International Association of Firefighters Wilson County chapter Vice President Colton Young explained that with the 21 departures so far in 2021, Wilson County has lost more than 100 years of experience to the private sector and other counties.
After an April ransomware attack downed systems for two weeks, Gary, Ind., officials are hoping a new cybersecurity contract will help fend off threats and reduce the chances of a repeat incident.
Communities along south Baltimore’s Middle Branch of the Patapsco River have long benefited from the waterfront but are now facing increasing risk of flooding and the negative effects of the warming climate.
Through a partnership with Dell Technologies, the state has upgraded its primary data center, invested in a second center to create a digital backup of its current system and migrated a staggering 2.6 petabytes of data.
"If parents are really questioning or having concerns about the vaccine, we really strongly recommend that they reach out to their health care provider, their pediatrician or family medicine doctor."

K-12 schools remain the most common setting for new outbreaks with 100 added over the last week. Long-term care facilities followed with 30, while childcare/youth programs had 13 outbreaks.
The mandate applies to the 1,854 people employed by the city of Worcester, Mass.. The numbers don’t account for the entire workforce, only those who reported to work Monday.