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These are stories about efforts to make physical improvements that better equip communities to withstand emergencies. This also includes planning efforts in advance of natural or human-made hazards to ensure continuity when a disaster happens.

The federal government has unveiled a new resource, the Climate Mapping for Resilience and Adaptation portal, which aims to help communities assess climate risks and plan resilience projects accordingly.
In a recent webinar, two officials from the Northwest Colorado Council of Governments shared how several Colorado communities have worked together to expand broadband to rural parts of the state.
The university will develop a clean energy microgrid with solar arrays, thermal storage and advanced heat-exchange systems to power a community emergency shelter and mitigate the impact of power outages.
In light of the increasingly severe damage hurricanes cause on the Atlantic coast, Florida International University will use grant funding to build on research from its Wall of Wind, designed to withstand Category 5 storms.
Efforts like reducing carbon emissions are important to fight climate change, but cities should also be looking at how they can reinforce roads, stabilize electric grids and use new technologies to build resilient communities.
The collapsing land has been an issue for years, but the university has recently raised as the ridge moves closer to some buildings. The student health center, for example, is not far away from a steep embankment.
Over the past few months, fire agencies have issued public advisories detailing how property owners can take preventive actions before the wildfire season begins and how firefighters are preparing for the season.
"Dam safety and integrity are critical to our hydroelectric program," said Jan Nimick, vice president of Power Generation. "PG&E inspects and maintains its dams according to strict safety guidelines, ensuring structural integrity under even extreme conditions."
Prolonged drought, severe sea-level rise, dramatic flooding, raging wildfires. Climate change is having tangible impacts in regions across the country. Here’s what the models are telling us.
As hurricane season approaches, residents should be thinking about ways to be ready. Building a go bag with all the essential items in one spot is a great way to make sure you're not caught off guard.