A SpaceX rocket sent 60 Starlink Internet satellites into space Tuesday with a launch from NASA’s Kennedy Space Center on Merritt Island, Fla. By Wednesday evening, the long string of lights had been visible all over the country.
The efforts have sparked the creation of an app that collects eyewitness reports and triangulates their location data, paired with an expert analysis of the data from the area’s relevant weather radars.
SpaceX requested the permit modification so it can move ahead with the expansion and addition of pads for testing, orbital launches and landing; towers for loading payloads into rockets; and other requests.
SpaceX has contacted officials in Texas about incorporating the unincorporated village of Boca Chica, which is next door to SpaceX's Starship production complex, potentially creating a new city with the name Starbase.
Camden County officials say spaceport skeptics will be proven wrong in the coming weeks when the area is awarded a spaceport license after they successfully made their case to the Federal Aviation Administration.
A battle for space Internet in Alaska is brewing as more companies jockey for the right to deliver satellite broadband to residents, in part to bridge the digital divide between villages and cities.
In what is being called the company’s commercial satellite “rideshare” service, the Sunday launch of a Falcon 9 rocket successfully sent a record-breaking 143 satellites into space.
As a candidate, the former vice president presented exhaustive plans on dozens of issues, yet he said relatively little about his vision for exploring the final frontier at a time Florida’s space industry is thriving.
The first amateur radio transmission from space was in 1983 from astronaut Owen Garriott aboard the Space Shuttle Columbia. He was a licensed ham who used his equipment in Houston to chat with his father in Oklahoma.
Mayor Tim Keller and Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham will lead a brigade of local officials and area experts today, Monday, in a virtual battle to persuade the Pentagon to locate the new U.S. Space Command in Albuquerque.