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Coverage of advances in space exploration that have implications for state and local government. Includes stories about satellites, which are increasingly used to expand the availability of Internet access, as well as to capture images and gather data using sensors to monitor things like environmental conditions and infrastructure needs.

Despite early misconceptions that the Space Force was not a real branch of the military, organizers have been recruiting high school and college-age students, as well as adults from Lima and other areas in Ohio.
After winning the contract, the Oklahoma City company will now help NASA explore space, providing critical software products, services, and engineering support for the next five years.
Chemical engineering students led research into the effects of microgravity on various polymers, with the hope of ascertaining what the International Space Station could use to minimize bacterial transmission.
It's the third annual state of space report since leaders came together in 2019 to discuss world efforts to harness the economic potential of space and threats posed by competing nations, particularly China and Russia.
SpaceX's test launch of a Starship prototype took another step this month with the FCC granting a temporary permit for communications between Starship SN20 and the ground station during the flight.
In an email to company employees, Elon Musk said SpaceX, under which the satellite broadband service Starlink is housed, could face bankruptcy if it's unable to accelerate its engine production.
NASA plans to crash a spacecraft into an asteroid in the “world’s first planetary defense test mission” of its kind. Although the plan might sound like the basis of a science fiction disaster movie, it’s not.
The amount of floating junk in space is increasing. The pieces of debris may pose issues for companies like SpaceX, Amazon and Boeing, all of which plan to launch new satellites for broadband connectivity.
SpaceX's founder and CEO tweeted last month that the company's Starship-Super Heavy combination could be ready for its first orbital launch attempt from Boca Chica "if all goes well" and "pending regulatory approval."
NASA’s first mission since 1972 to land people on the moon was delayed at least one year to 2025, the agency accounted Tuesday, citing funding and lawsuit complications from Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin lawsuit.