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The Office of Artificial Intelligence Policy at the Utah Department of Commerce has opened roughly four months after its creation. It will explore the most effective methods of AI regulation and guide development of responsible policies.
The Utah Department of Transportation will continue its partnership with Panasonic on deploying connected vehicle technology. It intends to add more vehicles to the project and make collected data actionable.
In Arkansas, Florida, Georgia and Utah, lawmakers this session are trying to balance digital privacy and children’s mental health issues as they seek to implement social media mandates.
Building an AI program is a daunting proposition, but government has to start somewhere. From strengthening cybersecurity to improving 311, a handful of early adopters are finding safe and practical uses.
Amendments to the Utah Social Media Regulation Act would allow lawsuits if it can be proven that “addictive social media algorithms” contributed to the worsening of a child’s mental health. Related laws have been stopped in two other states.
As Georgia introduces new legislation to address cyberbullying and regulate teenage social media use, other states with comparative laws are facing staunch legal challenges related to privacy.
The Utah State Board of Education recently approved plans that would allow schools to make use of AI gun detection technology from the video analytics platform ZeroEyes. The technology is able to identify firearms in real time.
According to the Federal Highway Administration, the grant funding, allocated under the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, aims to propel digital construction tools such as computer modeling and 3D design in 10 state DOTs.
Remote hearings, adopted as a pandemic necessity, could become common going forward in some states. Minnesota and Arizona have created guides indicating which hearings are suited for remote and which should be in person.
Utah CTO David Fletcher will be retiring this week after over two decades in the role. In his final days in public service, he shared what he has learned and accomplished in a career peppered with technological disruption.