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Solvably Launches Problem-Solving Modules for AI Literacy

The digital learning platform Solvably’s new AI Centers of Excellence challenge users to apply AI to academic or real-world problems. The modules can be tailored for K-12, higher education or professional development.

Image of a woman's hand activating an AI button
The digital learning platform Solvably launched 20 new skill-building modules last week aimed at creating artificial intelligence literacy.

Described in a news release as AI Centers of Excellence, Solvably’s new activities allow users at the K-12, higher education or corporate levels to collaborate in remote teams and work through a sequence of challenges, not unlike a virtual escape room, that require them to apply AI to particular academic subjects, like social studies and math, or job functions connected to real-world problems. The news release said each AI activity also involves soft skills and allows institutions and employers to customize their own challenges, track engagement and submit reports on the tool’s long-term effectiveness.

The launch of the new program comes as K-12 schools, universities and workforce development initiatives are increasing their focus on AI skill development to prepare the future workforce for AI-integrated jobs, amid advances in machine learning and generative AI technologies like ChatGPT.

“To best prepare for tomorrow’s demanding workforce, today’s students and professionals need to not only understand AI and its enormous potential but how to apply it to solve real-world challenges in order to achieve higher outcomes,” Solvably’s founder and Chief Problem Solver Angelo Biasi said in a public statement. “Solvably’s active learning and authentic assessment experience is an evidence-based solution that empowers and ultimately future-proofs this wide audience with the skills required to use AI technologies and applications effectively, or ‘AI Literacy’ — something I am boldly calling the newest 21st century competency — while, in turn, creating a more qualified and effective global talent pool.”