January 2012

America’s Crumbling Infrastructure Will Challenge Emergency Managers For Decades

Every event related to critical infrastructure is unique, leaving planners to face more unknowns than knowns.


Technical Communities Redefine Disaster Volunteerism

Making every disaster local with technology, social media and volunteer communities.

Delay in Satellites Could Jeopardize Severe Weather Forecasts

A gap in satellites could leave emergency managers without severe weather information that they’ve come to rely on.

National EAS Test Considered a Success Despite Issues

Federal officials and EAS participants are hoping that local emergency managers will become more engaged in alerting initiatives.

How Fighting Terrorism Indirectly Affected the Food Supply

After 9/11, the federal government waged war on terrorism, but that fight has come at a cost to the nation’s food supply.

Bryan Koon Brings Extensive Private-Sector Experience to Florida

Koon went from managing disasters that affected Wal-Mart’s 2.2 million employees to heading emergency management for Florida.


FEMA Administrator Craig Fugate Shares 3 Lessons from 2011

2011 was a memorable year for the emergency management field — and for the many Americans impacted by disasters.

Emergency Management Is a Complicated Profession (Opinion)

It’s no longer possible for one person to have all the information available on emergency management and homeland security.

Opportunity Knocking: Coordinate with Nontraditional Response Organizations

Organizations that service a particular constituent can be an invaluable asset following a disaster.


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