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May 2013

Protecting the Water Supply Requires a Multipronged Approach

There are numerous, ongoing threats to our water supply. Some of them could be catastrophic.


C-CERTs Allow Colleges to Take Quick Action During an Emergency

Modeled after the national Community Emergency Response Team program, more than 500 colleges run C-CERTs to increase on-campus emergency preparedness.

Sirens Remain Vital to Hawaii’s Emergency Alert System

Hawaii is retrofitting its entire emergency siren network, moving to satellite and cellular control technology.

How Businesses Maintained Continuity of Operations During Sandy

Hurricane Sandy put many companies to the test: Could they withstand a storm that could shut down business for days or even weeks?

Craig Fugate Discusses How FEMA Has Changed (And What’s Next)

We talked with Administrator Fugate about improving disaster response and developing more resilient communities.


Attack at the Boston Marathon and the Value of Emergency Planning

Special event planning requires emergency planners to work extensively with local, state and federal partners to plan for mass causality contingencies.

5 Ways to Educate People About the Realities of Disaster Recovery

The public doesn’t know that much about emergency response, and even less about disaster recovery and what's involved with getting federal assistance.

Following the Boston Marathon Bombing, We Must Stay Vigilant (Opinion)

Americans, however embattled over politics, sports or whatever, stand up and show their heart and courage during times like these.


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