November 2011

Quick Response Helps Put Alabama on the Road to Recovery

Gov. Robert Bentley addresses Alabama’s response to the more than 50 tornadoes that slammed the state earlier this year.


The Long Road to Recovery After Hurricane Irene

Although some areas 'dodged the bullet,' severe rains hammered parts of the East Coast, hitting areas unaccustomed to such storm activity.

Colleges Learn Crisis Management Strategies From Federal Models

Virginia Tech shooting prompts universities nationally to examine their ability to respond to such a catastrophe.

Unique Radio Standards Training Debuts in Colorado

Colorado Interoperability Training Program will teach standards that will give public safety professionals a better understanding of radio equipment and a shared language.

How NASA Is Using Aircraft to Fight Fire With Data

A partnership seeks to aid wildfire fighting with real-time information while operating from a next-generation emergency operations center.

Re-Entry Plans Aid Repopulation After Mass Evacuation

Lessons learned from repopulating Louisiana parishes after Katrina lead to the creation of comprehensive re-entry plans.


Push Partners Aid Medicine Distribution Following an Emergency

Portland, Ore.’s Push Partner Registry helps dispense emergency medication in the 48 hours following a public health emergency.

The Changing Face of Disasters (Opinion)

There are fundamental social changes occurring rapidly everywhere — and disasters are changing too.


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