September 2012

Waldo Canyon Fire damage

Do Alert Notifications Fail to Live up to Expectations?

Recent emergencies illustrate issues with automated telephone alerting systems.


Emergency Planning for the Disabled Is an Uphill Battle

But the deaf community and its advocates are working hard to effect change.

State-Run Certification Adds to the Field’s Professionalization

Certification programs move emergency management forward while offering education that could be invaluable during and after a disaster.

Why Is There $8 Billion of Backlogged Homeland Security Funding?

Federal officials have a message regarding unspent homeland security grants: Spend the money.

UPS: Serving the Community During Times of Need

Robert Smith of UPS Air Group and Transportation Security addresses emergency management and how the company helps out in crisis situations all over the world.

Funding Cuts Threaten Public Health Preparedness

As the funding decreases, who will take over the various public health initiatives and programs?

Salt Lake City Paves the Way for Disaster-Resistant Building

The city’s sustainable, earthquake-resistant public safety building could blaze trails for local government.


Contacts Are Key in Emergency Management

Emergency managers’ contacts must cover a wide spectrum of people and organizations.

3 Ways to Increase Software Security

The most dangerous situations occur when hackers don’t want their cyberattack to be public.

The Gun Control Cop-Out (Opinion)

Usually tragedies with many victims spawn action, but gun control measures don’t follow mass shootings.


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