Digital Services

The move will give Granicus a variety of tools for collecting public sentiment — polling and surveys, website analytics, etc. — as well as tools to understand that data and personalize user experiences.
Speakers at the Arizona Virtual Digital Government Summit examined how the pandemic tested existing digital infrastructure systems — and how it demonstrated the need for governments to evolve.
NASCIO Midyear wraps up with a look at the new reality of part remote, part in-person work, as well as an exploration of the massive gains in digital service delivery during the pandemic.
A new report from Jacobs Urban Tech Hub at Cornell Tech addresses a range of digital city issues like data privacy as a foundation for any city considering the deployment of urban technology to advance community goals.
During the pandemic, the Florida Legislature has taken note of many issues with the state's unemployment insurance program, but the lawmakers haven't delivered a comprehensive solution yet.
Insight Partners, which has done several high-profile deals in the gov tech space in recent years, has bought a majority stake in CivicPlus, a popular website builder and software vendor for local governments.
Five years ago, a report from the municipal website builder OpenCities found many ways local governments needed to improve. Now a follow-up finds that they’ve improved in some areas, but still have plenty of work to do.
SolarAPP+, developed by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, is designed to take days or weeks out of the process of getting solar projects approved. Now Accela is bringing the app to its customers at no cost.
Courts across the country have struggled to process traffic tickets safely and efficiently during the pandemic. A new portal is offering jurisdictions a free and virtual means of handling tickets.
The new firm, called GovEmpower, is very new. But its ambitions are to help the vast number of small and medium-sized governments across the country reimagine the way they design services and processes.