May 2005

Proving Its Mettle

Open source software has come a long way, baby.

Magnifying Data

Predictive analytics begins to prove its worth in government.

Closing in on Fraud

Pattern-detecting software analyzes data faster than before, helping government catch crooks of all kinds.


Picking up the Pieces

Identity theft victims in Ohio now have help putting their lives back together.

Ready for Bio-Terror?

Hospitals work together to create bio-terrorism task force.


Home Cooking

Outsourcing agency mines rural IT talent to provide homegrown technology outsourcing.


Wi-Fi by the Fire

States test the market for Wi-Fi Internet access in public campgrounds.

Tech Focus

Two Cents: Limited Access

This hard drive has my fingerprints all over it.

Point of View

Change of Pace

Open source forces new status quo.

Geo Info

Taming the Tamarisk

A new GIS weapon helps a county fight a dangerous shrub.

CIO Profile

Jeff Baldo

CIO, California Youth and Adult Correctional Agency


Choking on Information Exhaust

Confounded by government's relationship with data aggregators.

Electronic Government

Reaching Out

The All Alert system will replace the old method of distributing emergency warnings to the public.


GT Spectrum

Reports from the IT horizon.

Product News

Product News

Fossil, PC Laptops, Xerox, EFI, IrisGuard