Past Issues of Government Technology

November 2006

Tangled Web?

Net neutrality activists say the Internet is doomed without regulation. Are their fears justified?

Not Easy Being Green

Five Midwest states create a regional e-waste policy and hope to make almost everyone happy.

Phone Banks

Joint city/county 311 call centers could be local government's next step in the evolution of customer service.



It's what's for dinner ... and the way IT should get done.

Intellectual Property

Robot Garage Hijacks Cars

A garage in Hoboken, N.J., holds cars hostage for several days.

Geo Info

Good Call

Jersey university taps the power of the data-enabled cell phone.

Completing the Data Puzzle

Linking disparate information systems gives Florida cops access to statewide data.

Point of View

Rock the Vote

Electronic voting was supposed to render paper in the polling booth obsolete.

Product News


Parvus, Belkin, VMETRO, Dell


Royal WiSac

If a Sacramento, Calif., coalition gets its way, nine counties in the region will be king for a day, every day.

Suggestion Box

Seeking public comment on policy issues, a Florida lawmaker finds a software solution.

Tech Focus

Two Cents: If I Were an IT Guy ...

The Gateway Profile 6 performs solidly, and is well suited for employees in cramped workspaces.


Meeting Border Challenges


Getting it Together

Statewide health-care data system in North Carolina will unite county and state health departments.

CIO Profile

Jory Wolf

CIO, Santa Monica, Calif.

View From the Hill

Health Care and Technology: From the Top

Health Care and Technology: From the Top