October 2009

Oregon Protects Communities From Deadly Chemical Weapons With Massive Wi-Fi Network

Oregon's Chemical Stockpile Emergency Preparedness Program keeps residents ready for emergencies.

Short-Staffed Local Governments Struggle with Stimulus Grants

Government layoffs leave cities and counties without resources to capture ARRA funds.

Gov. Dave Heineman Discusses Nebraska Electronic Health Records

Interoperable communications and statewide e-mail system also among Nebraska priorities.

Point of View

Is PASS ID Better Than REAL ID? (Analysis)

The proposed PASS ID could be a suitable stand-in for the controversial bill, or it might be REAL ID-lite.

CIO Profile

Washington CTO Chris Willey Discusses Continuation of Apps for Democracy

Washington, D.C., taps citizens for government applications using 311 call center database.

Social Services

Arizona and Utah Allow Medicare Beneficiaries to Use Electronic Personal Health Records

Medicare recipients can access their own health data in electronic medical records.


Texas Awards Portal Contract to NIC

Seven-year TexasOnline deal is expected to produce $183 million in revenue for state.

2009 Best of the Web Winners Announced

State and local government sites win accolades at Best of the Web awards ceremony in Hollywood, Calif.


Stimulus Fund Reporting Begins (Opinion)

Get ready for a very public test of the federal government's transparency initiative.

Electronic Government

Honolulu Cuts Costs With First All-Digital Election in the U.S.

Residents voted online or by phone to elect members of Honolulu's Neighborhood Boards.

Cloud Computing Gains Momentum but Security and Privacy Issues Persist

SaaS and other Web services attract state and local governments, but some host their own private cloud services.

Product News

New Products from Dell, Magellan, Logitech, Phoenix Audio Technologies

All-in-one computer, GPS device, webcam, conference phone.