September 1999

The Empire State Strikes Back

New York State's agencies have always embraced technology

A High-Tech Pandora's Box

High-bandwidth is here, but for state and local governments, what you get isn't always what you see.

Opting For Outsourcing

Despite what recently happened in Connecticut, San Diego County is outsourcing its IT and telecommunications functions in one of the largest contracts to be awarded in the country.


Tghe GT National Technology Snapshot

Tghe GT National Technology Snapshot

Justice & Technology

A Measure of SAFE-T

Project Hoosier SAFE-T is fueling

Notes from the Field

The Ultimate Devolution

The Ultimate Devolution


Strike Up the Bandwidth

Tennessee and its two higher-education systems are outsourcing their consolidated telecommunications networks to increase bandwidth.

Geo Info

Mapping the GLOBE

GIS technology lets student scientists see environmental data as they collect it.


Engineering 10100101

Cisco and MCI donated equipment that's helping the University of Virginia launch a national pilot project designed to teach students about Internet technology.


Feds Hold a Few ACES Up Their Sleeves

The federal government turns to certification authorities for securing public-sector Internet transactions.

Product Focus

Making the Right Call

Call centers have a bright future with the help of computer telephony.

Electronic Government

Opening the Virtual Window Into New Jersey's Economy

An online resource center helps New Jersey open for business.




Product News

Product News

Product News