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January 2013

Sandy Created a Black Hole of Communication

Familiar issues, including lack of communication, crop up during Sandy and give lessons for the future.


Amazon Web Mapping Tool Aids Sandy Relief Efforts

Len Bundra, GIS director of the Toms River, N.J., Municipalities Authority, thinks creatively to help those in need.

LTE Test Provides Insight into Nationwide Public Safety Network

A system tested at the 2012 Republican National Convention gave a glimpse into the possible future of public safety communications.

How Emerging Technology Can Assist Urban Search and Rescue

Urban search and rescue presents a unique challenge, demanding both a highly specialized, yet multidisciplinary approach.

Why So Quiet on the Cyberthreat?

Jarno Limnell talks cyberthreats and vulnerabilities in the United States.


Preparedness Starts in the Cloud in Scott, La.

The city's disaster preparedness plan boils down to three main steps, relying heavily on cloud services.

It’s Time to Dump Government-Centric Thinking (Opinion)

The full impact of the continued reduction in federal homeland security funding has yet to be felt.

Lessons from Hurricane Sandy (Column)

Many are calling Sandy a watershed event, one of those disasters that sets in motion new best practices and offers lessons learned.


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