July 2009

A view of the Port of Long Beach, Calif.

Port Security Improves With Nonintrusive Cargo Inspection and Secure Port Access

9/11 changed the way officials view port security and led to new technologies and regulations.


Flood Management and Rebuilding Plans Help Iowa Town Recover

Cedar Rapids, Iowa, recovers from 2008's record floods.

Coast Guard Contingency Planner John Stanley Develops Strategies for Natural Disasters and Man-Made Hazards

John Stanley discusses port security and military preparedness for disasters.

Including Scouts in Emergency Management Training Pays Dividends

Emergency management trains Boy Scouts in emergency response.


From Typewriters to Twitter: Emergency Management Technology Through the Decades (Opinion)

Disaster wikis and cloud computing for data storage and software may be next for first responders.

White House Homeland Security Council Urges Nuclear Attack Response Planning

Homeland Security Council releases Planning Guidance for Response to a Nuclear Detonation.


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