March 2012

Space Weather: What Emergency Managers Need to Know

While extreme space weather is considered a low probability event, it could have catastrophic effects on the U.S. — and even the world.


All-Hazards Type 3 Incident Management Teams Are Catching On

The concept is to assemble a trained team that can immediately respond to a major, widespread emergency anywhere in the nation.

Animal Welfare Groups Help Include Pets in Disaster Recovery

Partnering with animal welfare groups can help emergency managers put pets in the disaster preparedness and recovery equation.

Professionals Debate the Need for Emergency Management Certification

Emergency managers disagree about how useful the CEM certification is to individuals and to the profession.

How Social Research Can Help Emergency Managers Plan

The director of the Natural Hazards Research Center at the University of Colorado at Boulder, Kathleen Tierney, shares information about her research on the social impacts of extreme events.


Public Safety D-Block Victory a ‘Big Deal’ (Opinion)

The legislation provides spectrum and funding, allows public safety input and ensures a national governance structure.

Recovery Process Is a Disaster (Opinion)

We spend most of our time on preparedness and only 1 to 2 percent of our time on the disaster response phase — which can last years following a large emergency.

Industry Perspective: The Importance of Public-Private Partnerships

Wal-Mart’s Mark Cooper addresses the private sector’s potential in emergency management and disaster response.


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